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  • Beth Johnson

    Beth Johnson

    Planetary scientist, podcast host. Communication specialist for SETI Institute and Planetary Science Institute. Journalist on the Weekly Space Hangout.

  • Paul Vero

    Paul Vero

  • Ella Alderson

    Ella Alderson

    Astrophysics student, writer for over a decade. A passion for language and the unexplored universe. I aim to marry poetry and science. ella.aldrsn@gmail.com

  • Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten

    Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten

    Sharing fascinating facts about nature and sustainability; based on scientific research, easy to understand. More on my work: http://www.sustainabledecisions.eu

  • Vineeth Venugopal

    Vineeth Venugopal

    Scientist @MIT. AI for materials discovery. Science storyteller

  • Margaret Lepera

    Margaret Lepera

    Author|Creative Director|Actor|Singer|Reiki Master. Founder of The Intuitive Gesture coaching for individuals and corporations.

  • Princella Talley

    Princella Talley

    Top Writer in Feminism. Public Voices fellow of the OpEd Project and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

  • Jim Fonseca

    Jim Fonseca

    Geography professor (retired) writes The One Minute Geographer with a featured series: This Fragile Earth, and a book review series: Great Translations

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